How to auto-sync ingredients when playing Skyrim.

If you play Skyrim in a PC and you share WIFI with your Android device, you can auto-transfer in seconds your ingredients inventory to Skyrim Alchemy Adivsor without leaving the game.
You can try the feature in the free version but limited to the 10 first ingredients you own.
For full import, get the Pro version.

Just follow these steps:

1.- Install ‘Character Export’ mod by PROXiCiDE in your Skyrim game. 

This great mod lets you export a script-like text file while playing Skyrim. You can find this mod at Dragon Script is required for this mod to work. Dragons Script can be found at

WARNING: Character Export official download does not export ALL the ingredients, we have informed its author, so he can fix it. Meanwhile an updated compilation can be found here. We have recompiled the source files including missing ingredients. Please note this compilation is fully based in PROXiCiDE source files, and he's keeping all credits of the mod. As soon as an updated official version is ready, we will remove this compilation.

You have to download both, unpack them, and install the files in your Skyrim folder – the one containing TESV.exe. Final location of the files should be like this:

 With default configuration of ‘Character Export’, pressing Shift+F4 while playing, will be save a file named ‘charExport.script’ in your Skyrim folder. You can edit CharExport.ini and change the keys combination.

2.- Share the folder.

You have to share the folder where ‘charExport.script’ is saved, at least read-only, at least for one user, whose name and password you will have to set in Alchemy Advisor for Skyrim.

3.- Configure Alchemy Advisor for Skyrim.

If you have powered on WIFI on your Android device and it is sharing network with your PC, you should be able to select the ‘charExport.script’ for sync. Select settings from the Menu.

Enter the name or IP of your PC, your PC username and your PC password. Then press ‘Browse’.

Select your Skyrim folder and pick your ‘charExport.script’ file

Save settings. You can now transfer ingredients stock by pressing Shift+F4 while playing Skyrim and then selecting ‘Import file’ in the Ingredients menu.

You can check ‘Auto-import’ feature in Settings, and the app will detect any time you export from Skyrim and import the file automatically while you are in the Ingredients screen.
Free version of Alchemy Advisor for Skyrim is limited to import up to 10 ingredients. You can test the feature, and if you like it please get Pro version.
You can email us to or post a comment if you have problems.


  1. I find it interesting that you require someone elses mod(s) in order to achieve this 'ability' that your app provides. Are you actually, then, able to charge for a 'pro' version? Does this not violate a ToS agreement?

  2. Hi, thanks for your interesting question. I don't see any problem, and there are several reasons for that:

    1.- I'm not distributing that mod's, just linking to them, giving proper credits to their authors.
    2.- Pro Version let you also get rid of ads, which it is itself a value.
    3.- You pay for moving that export file to your Android device, and automatically import it the app. It needs a 'free' mod for working, in the same sense a fan needs 'free' air. You do not pay for the air, you pay for keeping it moving.
    4.- I contacted the author of the Character Export mod, explained my project, and had no objection.

    Thanks again for your interest!

  3. What a shame your only comment, so far, has been that one. My first thought was how well you credited the source and that, if this app works as stated, your price is great! Thank you for putting in the work.

  4. Thanks, dfwlady, for your support!

  5. I believe the point which the other Anonymous was trying to make is this: someone else put in the time and effort to create mods that export certain files from the game and they then offered said mods completely for free. You then use the output of those free mods and use them to support functionality for which you charge. Effectively the same as if someone wrote a series of short stories, released them for free individually, then you collected them in book format and charged. I'm not judging - in fact I'll likely pay for the Pro version - it's just kind of eyebrow raising.

  6. Hi, thanks for your comment.
    Well, I can't agree with your point of view. It is not just collecting other's work, I've done my own, and that's what you pay for.
    I use a free mod - I also use other free stuff like images and tools - and Mod's author had no objection about my project, so I can't really see any problem.

  7. Hi there,

    I downloaded the pro version of your app but I'm having some trouble getting it to work. I followed your instructions to the letter, installed both Character Export and Dragon Script, I have full sync between my wireless device and my PC, and I was able to load the folder where my charexport.script is saved on the app.

    Yet when I try and import the ingredients, I get this message:

    Error reading file. Wrong file?
    ./data/data/bytesinarow.skyrimalchemyadvisorpro/files/SkyrimAlchemyAdvisorCache/charExport.script: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)

    Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks!


  8. Thanks for your interest in our app. Following are some tips:

    - Please check first that ‘charExport.script’ is generated when you press ‘Shift+F4’, browsing your Skyrim folder just to be sure it is not a Mod related problem.
    - We’ve been reported that in some systems User and Password are mandatory for the server connection – see picture -. Even if you are able to browse it because you give permissions for ‘Everyone’, an existing user and password are needed for copying the file.
    - Try to copy the file manually to your device using a third party file app – Astro is a nice one if you don’t have any - in order to check security-related issues. Use a User and Password, and if it works, use same user and password in SAA.

    Please let us know if some of the above help you.

    1. I'm having the same problem as Anon here.

      It worked fine for me before, but I recently installed a new ROM on my phone, and it changed the file system. Before it was "storage/sdcard0", it is now "storage/emulated/0". Could this be causing the problem, and if so, is there any workaround?

    2. Hi Stephen, the application tries to copy the export file to '/sdcard/Download' folder. Does that folder exist con can be created in your system? If you prefer you can email me to

    3. Hi again Stephen, I re-checked that part of the app, it should work the same. It uses application files directory.Have you tried the previous tips? Please email me if you want us to track the issue.

    4. If anybody is having this problem, try checking the "Auto-Import" box in settings. That might free it up.

  9. Goodness people are entitled these days. Some creators choose to donate their work, some buy food and pay rent with their work. If you feel this derivative work offers no significant improvements to the original work...go download that one instead and keep your unibrow to yourself.

    (And actually, I know of quite a few people who have have donated work to non-free collections, and there are also commercial aspects to many Linux distros.)

  10. Hi Anonymous,
    I understand you're talking about Character Export mod.
    In fact our derivative work offers a big improvement! Original work do not export the whole range of ingredients. Some are not referenced, and DLC ingredients are not exported at all.
    We informed PROXiCiDE about it.
    As soon as we check original distro is fully functional, we will just refer to original link.

  11. Slight problem... Similar setup as the Anon user from Oct 23, 2013 - able to browse to the export file, but when I tap 'import' in the app, it doesn't import 95% of the ingredients.

    What follows is the portion of the .script file for the ingredients:

    ; Player Ingredients
    additem 000134aa 062 ; Thistle Branch
    additem 0001b3bd 040 ; Snowberries
    additem 00023d6f 009 ; Pine Thrush Egg
    additem 00023d77 017 ; Chicken's Egg
    additem 0002f44c 032 ; Nightshade
    additem 00034cdd 101 ; Bone Meal
    additem 00034cdf 168 ; Salt Pile
    additem 00034d22 045 ; Garlic
    additem 00034d31 020 ; Elves Ear
    additem 00034d32 022 ; Frost Mirriam
    additem 0003ad56 122 ; Chaurus Eggs
    additem 0003ad5b 004 ; Daedra Heart
    additem 0003ad5d 102 ; Falmer Ear
    additem 0003ad5e 008 ; Fire Salts
    additem 0003ad5f 006 ; Frost Salts
    additem 0003ad60 009 ; Void Salts
    additem 0003ad61 001 ; Briar Heart
    additem 0003ad63 010 ; Ectoplasm
    additem 0003ad64 024 ; Giant's Toe
    additem 0003ad66 008 ; Hagraven Feathers
    additem 0003ad6a 017 ; Ice Wraith Teeth
    additem 0003ad6f 015 ; Skeever Tail
    additem 0003ad70 006 ; Slaughterfish Scales
    additem 0003ad71 016 ; Taproot
    additem 0003ad72 037 ; Troll Fat
    additem 0003ad73 009 ; Glow Dust
    additem 0003ad76 066 ; Vampire Dust
    additem 0003f7f8 033 ; Tundra Cotton
    additem 00045c28 078 ; Lavender
    additem 0004b0ba 029 ; Wheat
    additem 0004da00 046 ; Fly Amanita
    additem 0004da20 064 ; Bleeding Crown
    additem 0004da22 088 ; White Cap
    additem 0004da23 071 ; Imp Stool
    additem 0004da24 041 ; Namira's Rot
    additem 0004da25 024 ; Blisterwort
    additem 0004da73 037 ; Torchbug Thorax
    additem 0005076e 040 ; Juniper Berries
    additem 000516c8 062 ; Deathbell
    additem 00052695 014 ; Charred Skeever Hide
    additem 00057f91 011 ; Hanging Moss
    additem 00059b86 012 ; Nirnroot
    additem 00063b5f 002 ; Spriggan Sap
    additem 0006abcb 019 ; Canis Root
    additem 0006ac4a 007 ; Jazbay Grapes
    additem 0006b689 013 ; Hagraven Claw
    additem 0006bc00 029 ; Mudcrab Chitin
    additem 0006bc02 026 ; Bear Claws
    additem 0006bc04 005 ; Sabre Cat Tooth
    additem 0006bc07 010 ; Eye of Sabre Cat
    additem 0006bc0a 006 ; Large Antlers
    additem 0006bc0b 005 ; Small Antlers
    additem 0006bc0e 003 ; Wisp Wrappings
    additem 0006bc10 002 ; Powdered Mammoth Tusk
    additem 0006f950 006 ; Scaly Pholiota
    additem 000727de 009 ; Blue Butterfly Wing
    additem 000727df 050 ; Luna Moth Wing
    additem 000727e0 011 ; Butterfly Wing
    additem 00077e1c 073 ; Blue Mountain Flower
    additem 00077e1d 028 ; Red Mountain Flower
    additem 00077e1e 088 ; Purple Mountain Flower
    additem 0007e8b7 028 ; Swamp Fungal Pod
    additem 0007e8c1 008 ; Giant Lichen
    additem 0007e8c5 016 ; Slaughterfish Egg
    additem 0007e8c8 007 ; Rock Warbler Egg
    additem 0007edf5 011 ; Nordic Barnacle
    additem 0007ee01 032 ; Glowing Mushroom
    additem 00083e64 018 ; Grass Pod
    additem 00085500 001 ; Small Pearl
    additem 000889a2 031 ; Dragon´s Tongue
    additem 0009151b 024 ; Spider Egg
    additem 000a9191 004 ; Beehive Husk
    additem 000a9195 002 ; Bee
    additem 000b08c5 029 ; Honeycomb
    additem 000b18cd 003 ; Human Heart
    additem 000b2183 009 ; Creep Cluster
    additem 000bb956 009 ; Orange Dartwing
    additem 000d8e3f 015 ; Moon Sugar
    additem 000e4f0c 003 ; Blue Dartwing
    additem 000e7ebc 001 ; Hawk Beak
    additem 000e7ed0 012 ; Hawk Feathers
    additem 000ec870 039 ; Mora Tapinella
    additem 000f11c0 055 ; Dwarven Oil
    additem 001016b3 008 ; Human Flesh
    additem 00106e18 007 ; Histcarp
    additem 00106e19 004 ; Cyrodilic Spadetail
    additem 00106e1a 005 ; River Betty
    additem 00106e1b 003 ; Abecean Longfin
    additem 00106e1c 004 ; Silverside Perch

    As an example, SAA-Pro is only loading 54 Charus Eggs and 37 Salt Piles.

    I have the version of Pro before it was taken down by Google.

  12. Hi Anonymous,

    Please check you got mod from

    Original version at NexusMods is still 0.8a, and miss many ingredients.

    If that does not help, please contact send us an mail to, and we'll try to solve the issue.

  13. Hello I also have the Pro but I can't seem to connect to my PC; it keeps saying "failed". I downloaded this app that lets me put files from my PC to my phone but I don't know which folder to put it in. IF any of you guys know please help. I have Note 3 btw if that helps.

    1. Hi Anonymous, please read carefully the part about sharing your folder. If you keep in trouble, please email us to info at and we'll try to help.

    2. Thanks for replying. I'm finally able to connect (or that's what I think) to my phone by sharing to Everyone. It shows smb://"folder name"/.... the thing is there is nothing in the browse file section! I don't see any files and it says "No Data" when i click on the browse file..

    3. Hi, please try to export in Skirim once mods are ainstalled by pressing Shift+F4 and check you have then a ‘charExport.script’ file in your Skyrim folder. That means mod is working. Check that folder is the one you are exporting.
      New versions of Windows can be tricky about permissions. Try to share to a known user in your PC with a known no-blank password and use those to configure SAA in your phone. Let us know if that works for you.

  14. I downloaded this for my tablet but I the buttons on the bottom with setting does not seem to work. Is this only supported on phones?

    1. Hi it should work all the same in a tablet. Please email me your tablet model, and android version to, and try to guess where the problem is.

  15. Is there any support for this yet? I'm having issues with the auto-sync. I can get my phone to recognize my pc, but that's it, no data found at all. I'm sharing with a user account I made just for this, and it's password protected. I notice the / are different in the alchemy app than my computer says is the file path, not sure if that matters or not.

    1. Hi, I'd like to help, though it is difficult to tell if not in place.
      First second check your dedicated user account has full acess to the skyrim folder.
      You can try to access the skyrim folder using a third party samba file browser for android - Astro works pretty well.
      If previous hints don't work, you can email me to detailing your PC and Android versions, and I'll try to reproduce the issue.
      Best regards!

  16. I am thinking the way I'm connected might be my issue. My skyrim folder is showing that it is fully shared with my dummy account. On my phone I get the "smb://PCNAME/", in a small grey box near the bottom, then still shows no data.

    My Galaxy S5 is connected to Wi-Fi and it is USB tethered to my PC for the PC to get the internet connection, could this be the issue?

    1. Never tried that, but it may be the problem. For the phone to reach the PC, they must be in the same subnet. Probably your WiFi and your USB-tethering subnets are different, you can check IPs in both Galaxy and PC.
      If you find which IP is assigned to your PC when USB-thehering, you can try to access your PC by IP instead of by name. Not sure if with USB-tethering PC is reachable from the phone, but I thing it is worth a try.

  17. Are you planning on porting this to Special Edition?

    1. I don't own a copy of Special Edition, but I have not found any changes to previous editions. I you know there are new ingredients, please tell me about it, and we'll take a look.